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Your Friendly Neighborhood Cult

Warping the Innocent For Fun and Profit!

The Village Inn Anger Cult
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Our MySpace group is locatedhere.

Currently a FAQ is in the works.

Until then, SUFFER IN YOUR IGNORANCE!!!!! That's right, wallow in it. Wallow... Now smear a little ignorance across your chest, that's right.

Now get a friend to...Huh?

Oops, gotta' go.

Message from Nemesis Enforcer/Evil Assistant as of 4/27/05
New Policy: Please make all entries "friends only" for the sake of privacy. If you have already made a public entry, please go back and edit your entry to change it from "public" to "friends only". This is especially important for meeting planning and such.
Thank you for your compliance.

Member List
litnapalm - The Great Leader
kodrana - Evil Assistant (Emphasis on the ASS)
feralmuse - Nemesis Enforcer (Emphasis on the RACK)
hemlock36 - Mad Scientist/Druggist (Emphasis on the DRUG)
hime_chan - Head Minion (Emphasis on the HEAD)